Celeb Justice is a site dedicated to the crimes, misdemeanors, and felonious mischief cooked up by all your favorite celebs. Our corps of inside reporters are here to bring you the dirty low down on every single celebrity arrest, lawsuit, judgment, ruling, verdict, decree, and so much more.

From Hollywood to the Hamptons, East Coast to West Coast and beyond, if an actor, athlete, royal or reality show wannabe is up to no good, CJ is sure to have the goods!

At Celeb Justice hot scoops and fresh dish are on the docket every day. We guarantee you’ll find all the high-profile fights, feuds, beef, convictions, court cases, grievances, complaints, civil and uncivil proceedings, complete with in-depth analysis and expert insight, that you won’t find anywhere else.

CJ is your one stop shop for star-studded trials, Oscar worthy slaps and every innocent infraction in-between so come back often for all the latest on bad boys, illicit madams and apology tour mea culpas. Whether your fave celeb is involved in the crime of the century, a whiff of injustice, or merely guilt by association, you’ll read all the juicy details on Celeb Justice.

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