Prince Harry Still Deeply In Love With Meghan Markle – Wife Commands, Controls, and Steers Duke of Sussex, Says Body Language Expert


Prince Harry Still Deeply In Love With Meghan Markle - Wife Commands, Controls, and Steers Duke of Sussex, Says Body Language Expert

Prince Harry seemed in a heck of a rush to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle. Actually, some folks believe that he fell out with his brother, Prince William after he cautioned him against his whirlwind love affair. Well, they married and the fairytale romance seemed to quickly come to an end with the public. Recently, an expert talked about whether he still loves his wife.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Gave The Firm Headaches

The fact that Princess Di’s son married a commoner from the USA who was formerly an actress and blogger shook a lot of traditionalists. Meanwhile, people who watched the TV show “Suits” accused her of going out for more clout.

Then, after they did their interviews with Oprah Winfrey, a huge backlash came because she opened up about perceived racism and more. Royal supporters always felt that the family should keep their upper lips stiff and keep their laundry in the closet.

Possibly, the saddest aspect of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is the estrangement between himself and his brother. After all, everyone knows that when they were younger, they acted like besties.

Naturally, a lot of people blame Meghan for that. Recall, until she seemed to take control, he didn’t clash with his family all that much. Actually, many people mock him on social media as he seems to have completely changed to keep her happy. But the question is, does he secretly resent that?

Prince Harry Discussed By Body Language Expert

Body language is a thing these days, and you might recall a lot of talk about the couple since the wedding at Windsor. Cheatsheet reminds folks that “Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan Markle, and their two children…recently traveled to the UK to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.” Well, before the trip, he was seen having a bit of PDA with his wife at a polo game in Santa Barbara.

Does Prince Harry Still Deeply Love His Wife Meghan Markle
CCO Londisland / YouTube via Wikipedia

The outlet noted that “body language expert Judi James” came to some conclusions about Prince Harry and his wife. Citing The Express, the outlet noted that Judi said, ‘Meghan adopted ‘command, control, steer’ mode, placing both hands around Harry’s face as they kissed.”

Does he Still Love His Wife?

Yet another body language expert spoke about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This time, the story came from Pure Wow who wrote about Darren Stanton. According to Darren, they hold “eye contact,” and that’s a “clear” indication that “Harry is completely head over heels for Meghan.” In conclusion, he believes that they love each other deeply and that their love only grows stronger over time.

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