Can Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Whitewash Path To US Presidency For Duchess of Sussex? – ‘Megaliar Has Left a Wake Behind Her That NOBODY Could Clean Up,’ Says Royal Fan


Meghan Markle brought turmoil to the world of the British royals when she married Prince Harry. Taking him back to the USA where they wanted to be like Joe Ordinary, she seems totally non-ordinary in her ambitions. Rumors have it that she has her eye on the White House. Will they spend a lot of cash to whitewash her pathway?

Meghan Markle Might Have A Problem With Negative Press

Apart from various books, memoirs, and unfortunate interviews, there’s a lot of drama that would need to be swept under the carpet if Meghan hopes to become an influential politician. However, to a certain extent, it might be possible for all the nasty stuff to disappear from the headlines. But, it might mean forking out a lot of cash.

Allegedly, Prince Harry wanted out of the royal family before he met Meghan Markle. Perhaps that is true, and he’d rather hang with her in the USA than back home in the UK. However, it seems that even if he wants to go there, it’s his wife who feels uncomfortable rather than him. Is she keeping him home to boost her political ambitions? After all, if he stays home, he’s less likely to get negative press from media outlets.

Meghan Markle On The Road To The White House?

Recently, the Duchess of Sussex made noises about supporting political causes that she cares about. Of course, royal family members are meant to stay out of politics in the UK. Only the Prime Minister really has a chance to discuss issues with the Monarch once a week. But Meghan isn’t really royal because her husband abandoned royal life for destination Netflix wanna-be.

Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Whitewash Her Political Path

According to Royal Expert, Neil Sean, it becomes evident that Meghan Markle has grand plans in the world of American politics. Yes, he actually mentioned the words “the White House.” Additionally, he noted that it is very expensive to clean up all the negative press.

Bear in mind, that politicians get the media and the FBI scrutinizing every aspect of their lives. Still, a clean-up via Google can be done, and the couple probably needs a lot of whitewashing to make their drama disappear.

Critics Respond

Talk about Meghan Markle and possible presidential ambitions rile up a lot of people.

One critic in the comments said, “I wouldn’t mind Harry’s wife going away and shutting up. [She] has to decide does she want to meddle in politics or does she want to keep using her title. They added, “She can remove all the negative stories she likes, but we have long memories. We all know how they treat both sides of the family and we will never forget the Oprah lie athon.”

Another irritated person wrote, “Megaliar has left a wake behind her, that NOBODY could clean up. She’s known for her behaviour towards others, especially her family and the RF.”

This comment also arrived: She’s already been “cleaned” up on numerous occasions. RE: the disappearing Oprah interview. How many do overs do you get?”

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  1. Just123 says

    Hahahahaha!!!! I’ve been needing a good laugh. The fact that they would even be thinking about it is absolutely one of the most ridiculous things we’ve heard in a long time!!!
    Both would have to give up their titles which is not very likely to happen. Those are supposedly the money maker for them.
    The elitists and so-called celebrities who might be pushing this nonsense are such a s mall number in the scope of things.
    Nobody even knew who MM was before she married Harry and the American people have seen them for what they are and have no respect for either of them. While the Queen of England isn’t our Queen she still is respected and the way those two self absorbed narcissists trashed the RF is appalling and absolutely disgusting.

    But hey, let them dream on, however it will, never happen!!!

  2. Just123 says

    But on top of everything else these two are so thin skinned. They’ll never survive. Anything negative mand they try to get the person fired or cancelled. They don’t like what someone writes or says they sue. That’s their m.o.
    And being the hypocrites they are doesn’t work well in their favor either. They are masters at “Do as I say, not as I do” as they continue to lecture everybody.

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