Prince Harry: Disowned By Family And Now Deserted By Friends?


Prince Harry Disowned By Family And Now Deserted By Friends

Prince Harry is no stranger to negative press. In fact, one could almost assume he enjoys attention regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Mind you, he’s something of a celeb, and bad news seems better than none. As if his family apparently taking a step back wasn’t enough, Prince Harry may have managed to scare off his buddies as well. Why is that? Read on to find out.

Prince Harry Receives Backlash Over His Book, ‘Spare’

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Harry claimed words from his book were taken “out of context.” This followed backlash from the public over Harry sharing his “kill count” from his tour to Afghanistan. Actually, many people disapproved of the fact that he wrote about Afghanistan. Harry explained that he hoped his book would be   an opportunity to express his own “truth.” Unfortunately, the Prince faces heavy criticism due to the contents of his book.

Since the release of his book earlier this year, Prince Harry may have endangered himself and his family. In the docuseries “Harry and Meghan,” the former working total seemed fearful about a lack of security. Notably, he emphasized his concern over the loss of their security detail. However, folks struggle to empathize with him. And, many folks wonder why he wrote about killing Taliban fighters in Afghanistan amidst his safety concerns. Furthermore, there is real concern that Harry’s negligence has endangered other soldiers. After all, the Taliban don’t seem at all pleased with him.

Prince Harry Distanced After The Book Launch Of ‘Spare’

The Duke’s book was declared “the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time.” Recently, “Sunrise” on YouTube spoke about the outcome.  In fact, it seems that the release of his book isolated Harry more than ever. While his motivation seemed honest, it seems to have backfired. The Duke of Sussex felt that if he divulged his life experiences, someone would lose the opportunity to spill the tea. And, probably put their own spin on it.

Prince Harry Disowned By Family And Now Deserted By Friends
Sunrise / YouTube


During the discussion in the video, a claim arose that friends of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seemingly took a step back. Naturally, friends of the couple might feel anxious as to whether they could end up in a second tell-all book. Obviously, it’s safer to distance themselves from the duo. According to sources, the couple’s been “receiving the cold shoulder.”

Viewers Share Their Feelings About The Ex-Royals

The broad overview of reactions seems unpleasant. In fact, the general consensus is that no one should trust the Duke and Duchess and that their actions have been distasteful, to say the least. One viewer commented, “If you can’t be trusted with your family, your friends don’t have a chance of having any loyalty.” Many others also indicated that friends of the couple should beware: the next book may just reveal stories about them.

Should Harry and Meghan’s friends publicly display their loyalty toward the couple? Or, have the Duke and Duchess of Sussex burnt all of their bridges? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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