Princess of Montecito, Meghan Markle, Gets Resident’s Support – Denies Montecito Community Dislikes Duchess of Sussex


Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry get a lot of bad press. Actually, rumors and whispers and slanted stories arrive constantly. Recently a story emerged that those people who live in Montecito dubbed her by a rather nasty name, ‘The Princess of Montecito.’ Well, someone who lives in the area, who is very active in the community denied it as rubbish.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Get Constant Negativity

These days, some folks hope that Harry’s unhappy now that he married the former actress. Despite the fact that they raise two kids together, no doubt plenty of people would cheer if they ever split. So, it must come as a disappointment to critics that their body language reveals a deep love for each other. Unfortunately, egged on by Oprah Winfrey, they spilled a lot of tea about the royal family, and that’s where things started going wrong. Ever since then, a lot of speculation and anonymous sources keep folks in a stew about them.

The rumored political ambitions of Meghan Markle brought a lot of stories about the couple’s past. Obviously, to achieve any direction toward the White House, it will take a lot of whitewashing. In fact, some people think that’s why she turned her back on her former friend, Ivanka Trump. Actually, seeing anything is fair game with the Duchess of Sussex, even if she became a member of a School Parent Committee, somebody would likely sling some mud.

Meghan Markle Got A Nasty Name From Montecito Residents?

Closer Magazine in the UK reported this week, about the nasty name that people apparently gave to the Duchess of Suxxes. According to the outlet, an anonymous source claimed that residents of Montecito dubbed her The “Princess of Montecito.” Apparently, they resent that the couple belongs to a rather expensive club. Additionally, they tend to keep very much to themselves. And, it seems they also resent the simple that they enjoy things hiking in the hills.

Montecito Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
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Clearly, they preferred it when the Duke and Duchess spent their leisure time dining in places “downtown” just like Joe Ordinary. So, they allegedly complain that when do eat out, they hit trendy and expensive restaurants these days. Meghan Markle just can’t seem to get any sort of kindness as so many horrid stories circle around them. So, a Montecito Resident spoke out on Twitter

Sharon Byrne Denies Folks Can’t Stand The Royal Couple

Meghan Markle found at least one fan in Montecito. In her Tweet this week, Sharon Byrne complained about international media coverage. She noted that actually, residents appreciate that the couple is “supportive of the community.” Then she added, “We’re glad they’re here!

Sharin Byrne is very community-centered, and her profile describes her as involved in “Housing, Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Peace-building, Homelessness, Human Trafficking, United Nations…you know, the easy stuff.”

What do you think about the allegation that the Montecito community actually enjoys the couple being part of their community? Sound off in the comments below.

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