Kate Middleton Slammed For Excessive Clothing Budget Vs Hungry Kids’ Poverty – Misdirected Anger?


Kate Middleton Slammed For Excessive Clothing Budget Vs Hungry Kids Poverty - Misdirected Anger?

Kate Middleton seems like a nice enough person and she loves dogs, which is important. However, her clothing costs seem to rile up a lot of people. Actually, the way people go on about it, perhaps she should drag herself around in sackcloth and ashes. Or, hand-me-downs from the local thrift shop. However, is the anger misdirected? On Twitter, a lot of people thrashed it out in a debate this week.

Kate Middleton Dresses Very Well For Public Functions

Recently, fans of the Royal Family liked a simple dress that the Duchess of Cambridge wore at the beginning of this month. White, with black stripes to match the color of Orla, her pup, she looked fresh and comfortable. The sleeveless dress was designed by Emilia Wickstead. Well, she could hardly stroll around in ripped jeans, as the press were there. And, impressions count for a lot when it comes to royalty.

Kate Middleton was spotted at Wimbledon with Prince George and Prince William this year. Certainly, she once again looked cool and summery in a navy-blue dress with white polka dots. In many ways, she seems like a homely sort of mom and wife. However, she, unfortunately, has to get out and meet a lot of dignitaries. So, she needs to wear clothing that suits the occasion. Although she sometimes wears clothing off the rack for under £100, when she does her official trips, people slam her for the costs to the public.

Kate Middleton Slammed For Hungry Kids & Clothing Expenditure?

On July 15, Twitter user Daniela Nadj posted up and talked about the news that “many children in Britain are so poor, they need to be fed by their teachers.”  Comparing the money spent on “Kate’s clothes during her Caribbean tour,” Daniela asked, “Are we OK with this, Britain?” If you do not know, “the Royal Family…spent £35,000.”

Kate Middleton Clothing Budget Vs Hungry Kids - Misdirected Anger
Daniela Nadj / Twitter


Plenty of people responded to the question about Kate Middleton posed by the “Law Academic.” 2,5K replies and over 10K likes, revealed that it’s a topic of interest. However, not everyone appreciated the question about the Duchess of Cambridge. Those who felt it was wrong questioned the need for the Royal Family at all. Nevertheless,  it seems rather interesting that the majority of people who replied feel okay with it.

Actually, many others feel that it’s very important to dress well for the job. Meanwhile, others pointed out that it’s more concerning that MPs spend so much money.

Welfare And Parenting

Kate Middleton should not be blamed for the poor parenting that the welfare families struggle with, some folks opined. @Deedy2201 said, “us Brits are [okay with it] because we provide parents with generous child benefits and it is the parent’s responsibility to feed their children, not the RF.” They added, “if they can’t afford to feed kids, don’t have them and expect everyone else to pick up the tab for their life choices.”

Many similar comments followed:

What are your thoughts on Kate Middleton obtaining clothing for £35,000 for a royal tour? Do you think it correlates to feeding hungry schoolchildren? Sound off in the comments below.

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