Prince Harry Defamed By Libelous UK Newspaper Article – Duke of Sussex’s Massive Lawsuit Next?


Prince Harry Defamed By Libelous UK Newspaper Article - Duke of Sussex's Massive Lawsuit Next?

A High Court in London delivered a dose of good news to Prince Harry today. On Friday the judge found that a newspaper article that Prince Harry took exception to, was indeed libelous.

The article detailed the prince’s reported legal battle with the British government over his fight to retain the same security arrangements he had before he fled the palace for a life of riches in the US.

According to the judge reviewing the case, the article was defamatory, thus, “paving the way for him to take his libel claim to trial.” Harry is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth. He and his wife abandoned the monarchy, the UK, and his family in 2020, ranting about being financially cut loose among other tirades.

Will Prince Harry Continue His Legal Wranglings?

Prince Harry is suing Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Mail on Sunday, “for libel over an article in February which alleged he had tried to keep secret details of his legal fight to reinstate his police protection, and that his aides had then tried to put a positive spin on it.”

Associated Newspapers refuted the idea that their published article was libelous, and subsequently a preliminary hearing was held last month to determine what a reader might take away from the story after reading the Mail artcile. Guess what? Apparently the judge was able (and allowed) to determine that Joe Average Reader would consider the words defamatory.

“I am satisfied that these meanings are defamatory at common law,” judge Matthew Nicklin decided.

Was Prince Harry Libeled?

According to the judge who apparently has powers of observation that enable him to decide what everyone thinks, he concluded that the article breached, “far-reaching and unjustifiably wide,” confidentiality restrictions. He also determined that the outlet, “was responsible for statements put out on his behalf, rather than his public relations team as the paper had argued.”

A Judge Is a Mind Reader?

Harry has a penchant for legal threats and actions against those who displease him. After the 2021 birth of his daughter Lilibet, he threatened legal action against the BBC for reporting the child was born. This is the level of intelligence from which Harry operates, and apparently the judge agrees that anyone who read the Mail article would come to the same conclusions as Harry. Pardon u, but that notion is, frankly, libelous.

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