Is Prince William Preventing The Royals From Reacting To Harry & Meghan


Is Prince William Preventing The Royals From Reacting To Harry & Meghan

Prince William and the rest of the royal family are keeping very quiet since “Harry & Meghan” dropped on Netflix. With the second half starting this week, it’s possible that The Firm might worry about new allegations emerging against the monarchy. While social media and experts have their say, so far not a peep came out of any royal mouths. So, if someone is keeping the lid on reactions, and if it’s Harry’s brother, why would he do that?

Prince William Says Nothing While Others Slam ‘Harry & Meghan’

Plenty of authors, celebs, and Joe ordinary have got a lot to say about the Netflix docuseries.  People like Sharon Osbourne slammed it for being deeply disrespectful to the royal family. In fact, she felt that this whole thing was plotted a long time ago. After all, their flight to freedom took place years ago. So, why would they have filmed it if they hadn’t already approached Netflix? Apart from that, she felt that show is nothing more than two privileged people whining incessantly about their hard-done-by lives.

Prince William probably feels upset by all the allegations about the so-called dreadful “institution” that is royal life. Of course, with King Charles still new in the driver’s seat after Queen Elizabeth passed away, his brother could easily swing public opinion away from the monarchy. After all, Meghan Markle and her husband are not exactly ancient, and there are younger people fed up with paying for the royal lifestyle. Actually, some experts claim that soon, Charles will have to cut off his son and remove their titles. So far, it’s been crickets!

Prince William Rumored To Be Keeping The Family Quiet

Royal expert, Neil Sean talked about a source close to the palace, who alleges that naturally, the heir to the throne is worried about his brother. However, he seems rather more “perplexed” about “Harry & Meghan” than angry. Allegedly, he sees a brother whom he knows very well, acting “out of character.”  Bear in mind, the two boys grew up together and they seemed to love each other deeply before he married the Suits actress.

Prince William Preventing The Royals From Reacting To Harry And Meghan
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Prince William might wonder what motivates Prince Harry to behave the way he does these days. Neil Sean talked about the possibility that the former royal merely tries to be a “people pleaser.” Is he just going along with the theme of bad news is better than no news, an often repeated Hollywoodism? Well, it seems that he might be hanging with the wrong people, and one day he will see the error of his ways.

What Is Wrong With The Youngest Son Of Princess Di?

Prince William is well aware that his brother talked about his mental health issues. However, the source opined that the heir to the throne isn’t worried about that. Rather he worries about his “state of mind,” a different thing altogether. Citing the source, Neil said that the king-in-waiting is putting it down to the “influences around [his brother].” Probably, everyone can guess who at least ione influencer might be.

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  1. Irene says

    How true it is! Harry has not used his own mind for almost anything since he met Meghan. Talk about being influenced. Nothing that sounded the least bit like the regular Harry. Everything had to Meg’s way or no way at all. When Harry actually sounds like the old Harry would be grately appreciated by the public. You can only play the race card so long before it becomes a monotonous.

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