General Hospital Spoilers: When Rory Gets Hooked — Spencer Gets Framed


General Hospital Spoilers: When Rory Gets Hooked — Spencer Gets Framed

General Hospital spoilers tease the Hook is about to resurface in Port Charles, and their next victim will take everyone by surprise. The PCPD has thought for several weeks now that The Hook was actually targeting people who are connected to Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali). She’s going to feel like this is all her fault. Moreover, she will be riddled with guilt because it was also her fault she didn’t let Rory go sooner.

Instead, she kept him in this relationship with her under the false pretense that it was ever going to go anywhere. She’s been in love with someone else the entire time and let Rory fall for her. Now, he’s actually fallen in her name. Things aren’t as they seem when Rory is hooked though. For the first time, evidence will be left behind that points to a real lead, and where it ends will stun everyone. Is Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) The Hook?

General Hospital Spoilers — Trina is Devastated

Trina doesn’t want to believe Spencer could have had anything to do with Rory’s attack. It is unclear whether Rory is going to find his way out of the script after being hooked. He could be left in a coma or severely injured and in ICU barely hanging on. Trina will be by his side, of course, where she feels obligated to be. However, part of her is soon going to feel compelled to stick by Spencer’s side, too. How does she choose?

GH Spoilers Hint The Police Finger Spencer for the Crime

Trina isn’t going to know what to believe when Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) relays to Trina’s family that Spencer may be lurking behind the infamous Hook. Trina is going to refuse to believe it from the outset, but when Jordan starts listing the trail of evidence that traces back to the young Cassadine, she’ll realize she’s on the losing end of her argument.

As she professes that Esme must be behind it and is framing Spencer just like Esme framed her, it’s going to look like Trina is grasping at straws. Still, Jordan will make it clear that the PCPD isn’t ruling out involvement from Esme, but that also means Spencer could have been working with her the entire time. Regardless, as the evidence points to Spencer, he’s going to be headed back to Pentonville for violating the terms of his early release.

General Hospital Spoilers — Without Rory or Spencer, Who Will Protect Trina?

The bigger picture that the PCPD might not be thinking about is whether everyone will let their guard down if they tell the public Spencer is their person of interest whom they believe is The Hook. This may lead to Trina becoming even more of a target because no one will be looking for someone else to be The Hook anymore. Since Spencer isn’t really behind the hook-wielding psychopath at all, someone is still going to be out to get Trina — and neither Spencer nor Rory will be around to protect her. Stay tuned for more General Hospital news and spoilers as they become available.

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  2. Linda says

    This was a complete SETUP by RORY he stabbed himself left evidence that would lean to Spencer !! I haven’t been on this site, but right from the beginning I said RORY is the Hooker !! Yes, maybe it’s to far out there, but stop and think where is Rory from, we know nothing about his past which hopefully someone will look into it !! Rory is gar-gar over TRINA, and he knew with Spencer out of jail he had to do something to get Trina by his side!! I’m so damn mad that the writers are doing this, Spencer has been through the mill , and he doesn’t deserve it !! It will be SUMMER by the time we find out just who the Hooker is (RORY), with all the OTHER Storylines GH has which is Stupid way to many!!

    1. Bev says

      So where did he stash the hook then? Talk is Esme has a twin on other sites. And whose earring was in Rory’s pocket? Nah, I don’t think Rory was the hook!

  3. Spencer.Rocks.It says

    For anyone, especially the PCPD to suspect Spencer is The Hook is ridiculous! As Rory was being attacked, Spencer was clean, calm and not disheveled ~ Plus he was already inside the Diner talking with Cam, and then had words with Dex and Joss. Afterwards, outside talking with Trina when Curtis came by to pick up all the kids and take them to GH Hospital for safety, per Jordan. Rory would have ID Spencer, but did not because it wasn’t him. 🙄

  4. GHFan101 says

    Uh Spencer was with Cam..Joss.. Trina and Dex at the cafe when rory was hooked. Spencer has an alibi

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