Shakira Slams Spanish Tax Authorities – Claims Persecution


Shakira Slams Spanish Tax Authorities - Claims Persecution

Shakira Ripoll is an incredibly talented singer who hails from Colombia. However, fame doesn’t mean that she can’t end up behind bars, as Todd Chrisley found out. Actually, they face similar accusations of tax evasion. While he knows his sentence, Shakira still has to find out the outcome of the case against her. This week, she slammed the tax officials in Spain and claimed that she’s being persecuted by them.

Shakira Ripoll Accused Of Tax Evasion In Spain

In mid-2022, the news arrived that a Spanish magistrate gave the go-ahead for the popular singer to face the court. The state wants to prosecute her for allegedly not paying all, the taxes that she owes Spain. Specifically, they think she avoided paying taxes from 2012 through 2014.  Actually, they claimed that she owes them taxes on money that she earned, amounting to about $15 million. She will not pay and intends to have her say in court. If she is convicted, then there is a chance that she will probably end up behind bars for about eight years.

Shakira always maintained that she didn’t need to pay taxes for those years because she didn’t live there for more than six months. Well, the tax authorities think that she trying to wriggle out of it. So, they can win in court. The Colombian singer does not yet have a court date, and she’s steaming mad about it. Now that she heard that the court will try and go for a really stiff sentence, she said via her rep that she thinks it amounts to persecution.

Shakira Gives A Statement About Being Persecuted

Geo TV reported on November 25, that “she was being ‘persecuted’ and accused the Spanish Treasury of using ‘unacceptable methods to damage her reputation and force her to come to a settlement agreement.”  Additionally, she has no intention of paying taxes. She wants to go to trial and doesn’t seem to wish to back down. The accusations came because she used to pay her taxes in the Bahamas. But when she dated Gerard Pique, she spent time in Spain. In 2015 she did register, but now, Spanish tax authorities say she should have registed in 2012.

Shakira Slams Spanish Tax Authorities Claims Persecution
Shakira / Instagram

The thought of Shakira going to jail in Spain is horrifying to her millions of fans. Still extremely popular, a lot of folks think that it’s wrong that she faces the court. On Thanksgiving, when she took to her Instagram, she told her supporters and fans that she feels very grateful for them. Some of them wish she could be performing at the World Cup. But, that’s not likely to happen. Bear in mind, she met Pique at a World Cup event

Fighting And Determined

Shakira seems determined to fight the Spanish authorities as hard as she can. Possibly, if she agreed to just pay, things might not look so grim. But, she simply seems to give the message that she won’t be bullied.

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