NBA Star Montrezl Harrell Charged With Felony For Marijuana Possession


28-year-old NBA forward Montrezl Harrell could be doing hard time after being charged with drug trafficking. In May a traffic stop resulted in cops finding three pounds of marijuana in his car. According to TMZ, he was stopped in Kentucky on May 12 while driving a 2020 Honda Pilot rental, “too close to the car in front of him … and during the stop, cops claim they smelled marijuana.”

Montrezl Harrell

Harrell, who played college ball at the University of Louisville, reportedly admitted to having the drug on him and pulled a “small amount” from his pants. Cops then searched the car and allegedly found three pounds of weed in vacuum-sealed bags.

As a result Harrell was charged with trafficking less than five pounds of marijuana which is a Class D felony for first-time offenders. The charge could end up in five years in jail and a fine.
Harrell is an upcoming free agent with the Charlotte Hornets, and throughout his career he’s been a gritty player with a penchant for trash talking.

NBA Forward Montrezl Harrell Apologized

In 2020 he played for the LA Clippers and got into a controversy after bad mouthing Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic. He called Doncic a, “b****-a** white boy.”

The words were caught on tape as Doncic and Harrell played ball and the video quickly went viral. Eventually the two seemingly made up, with cameras next catching them in a pregame hug and handshake at a following game.

Ex-NBA player Jay Williams said of the trash talk, “I can only imagine if Luka Doncic had said something like that to you.”

In response Montrezl, “says he took it upon himself to clear the air with Luka before Game 4 on Sunday … and in video of their conversation, you can see there was no bad blood at all.”

Montrezl Harrell Apologized To Luka Doncic

He later told reporters, “Nothing but respect for Luka. He understood the heat of the battle and he said it didn’t bother him only RESPECT.”

Luka said he accepted Harrell’s apology saying, “No worries.”

At the time he added, “There’s a lot of emotions on the court, especially this is playoffs,” Doncic said. “Sometimes you say things you don’t want to say. He apologized. I respect that, so no problems.”

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