‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Upset He Hasn’t Heard from Son or Estranged Wife Nikki Boyd Since Rehab Return


'Jackass' Star Bam Margera Upset He Hasn't Heard from Son or Estranged Wife Nikki Boyd Since Rehab Return

‘Jackass’ star Bam Margera first fled rehab due to a, “emotional split from his estranged wife … but since he’s gone back, he hasn’t heard a peep from her or their child … so he’s hired an attorney.”

TMZ has been informed by inside sources that Bam’s estranged wife, Nikki Boyd, is not reaching out to the star—she has allegedly not reached out nor returned calls. But she is apparently talking to his team about child support and custody regarding their son named Phoenix Wolf.

Bam Margera Is Back in Rehab

TMZ reports that, “Bam has now hired a family law attorney to help him visit his son. Our sources say, in the past, Bam had been trying on his own to work out a visitation schedule. Bam’s new family law attorney will be working on hammering out a custody agreement with Nikki’s lawyer, David Glass, so Bam can see their son.”

Bam Margera has a Family Law Attorney

At the moment Nikki and Phoenix are believed to be in California while Bam is in a Florida treatment center. He was first remanded due to a court-ordered rehab, but left after complaints that he was not receiving needed physical therapy.

In the past Nikki, “filed docs in Los Angeles seeking full custody of Phoenix, and only wants Bam to have supervised visitation.”

Bam Margera is Seeking Child Custody

According to TMZ it is these custody issues that motivated Bam’s recent disappearance from rehab, “spurred by the fact he hasn’t been able to see his kid, coupled with a belief Nikki’s moved on. Nikki however, claimed when he was missing the 2nd time that she’s been nothing but supportive of Bam — even moving from California to FL to be closer to him … and she thinks she’s been unfairly blamed for his exit.”

Additionally the outlet is reporting that Bam has been greatly upset by the situation and is not interested at this time in trying to make things work out with Nikki. Apparently, “His only focus is on seeing his son, and he’s worried he’ll never see him again.”

Bam Margera Is Upset

In contrast, Nikki’s attorney told TMZ that she has not reached out to Bam because she’s waiting to hear more about communication rules from the new treatment facility to. This appears to be standard practice and lawyer Glass says he’s waiting to hear from Bam’s attorney in order to set up a time for Bam to see Phoenix.

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