Fans Disgusted By Madonna, Calls Her Out For Her Desperate Stunt


Fans Disgusted By Madonna, Calls Her Out For Her Desperate Stunt

Madonna is not even slightly concerned about what people think of her on the internet. Madonna’s recent online actions, from her semi-nude photos to lip-syncing of people’s songs speaks of one thing- and one thing only, and that is “unbothered.”

Before I go into the dog bowl water stuff, left me start by explaining how and why Madonna, 64, did what she did.

Madonna — About Madonna’s Dog Bowl Water-Licking Saga

This started after 50 Cent decided to rekindle his trolling on the “La Is La Bonita” singer. Madonna made a video of herself lip-syncing Baby Keem’s rap song Vent, “Have you ever been punched in your motherf**king face? What you say, oh you haven’t? Alright, wait” and, unprovoked, 50 Cent dissed the “Like a Prayer” singer by posting on his Instagram story, “I told y’all grandma was on bulls**! like a virgin at 64. LOL.”

Like I said earlier, Madonna doesn’t care one bit about what the rapper said of her, she instead posted a TikTok video of herself in a black sheer outfit dancing and tweaking for the camera.

Apparently, Madonna’s silence on 50 Cent’s troll didn’t sit well with the rapper as he made another post saying, “Madonna Using Rap Music for Clout on TikTok is Pathetic and Truly Disturbs my Spirit.”

The most recent action of Madonna is the one that got fans riled up because, trust me, her action was inexplicable. Madonna made a video of herself lying semi-prostrate on the floor with her face and tongue facing a silver bowl meant for a dog. She proceeded to make a movement that looks like she was licking water from the dog bowl. The “Into the Groove Singer” proceed to lip-sync one of her songs “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”

Madonna — Fans’ Reaction To Madonna’s Dog Bowl Video

Taking to Twitter, Madonna’s fans didn’t take it lightly with her while bashing her for her disgraceful attitudes. Someone said, “Grow up already!!!” A second wrote, “Your to old to be licking a dog bowl..your not the material girl no more your like the stupid nut job girl [sic]. I wouldn’t let my dog drink out of a bowl Madonna licked!’

Another user made a sarcastic comment by saying, “You’re just not “sophisticated” enough to understand Madonna’s art,’ they tweeted. “The water in the dog bowl symbolizes the inadequate spiritual nourishment of capitalism; the dog bowl symbolizes the degradation of servitude and slavery.” Before adding “The coyote ugliness of the artist symbolizes … ugly.”

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