Britney Spears Granted a Restraining Order Against Ex Jason Alexander


Britney Spears Granted a Restraining Order Against Ex Jason Alexander

Britney Spears has had a roller coaster year and it’s not even half over. The good news is that today she was granted a restraining order against her violent ex, Jason Alexander. They were once married for 55 hours, and he tried to crash her weekend wedding to Sam Asghari. No harm, no foul, as they say, since he literally broadcast his intentions to the world and the cops were able to stop and arrest him before any major mayhem.

 Britney Spears Is a Married Woman

After today Jason cannot contact nor disturb the singer for at least 3 years as a judge has issued a restraining order against him. On top of that the miscreant has been charged with a felony stalking charge.

TMZ talked to Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, and he is, “pleased with how seriously the court is taking the case … and hopes the harsh punishment will deter any future copycats from trying the same.”

Jason Alexander Is Charged

On Monday Jason pled not guilty at his arraignment. The charges stem from him intruding onto the Ventura-area venue where Britney was about to marry Sam. Not being too cognizant of how social media works, he live streamed the entire thing and security/law enforcement were waiting for him. Nonetheless the ex scuffled with authorities before being carted off

Alexander’s bail is set at $100,000 and he must surrender any firearms he in his possession.

Britney Spears Marries Sam Asghari

According to the outlet, Jason had a knife on him and ultimately he was booked for trespassing, vandalism and battery. On top of this incident he has another case pending against him for grand theft in Northern California; after his wedding arrest the outstanding warrant popped up.

Britney Spears Is Granted a Restraining Order

In the NorCal case, “a woman claims he jacked a pricey bracelet of hers while crashing at her pad in 2015, listed as being worth $2,000. The Napa County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for Alexander’s arrest shortly thereafter in 2016 ….”

Prior to the wedding Britney had her conservatorship ended and she and Sam announced they were pregnant only to later announce a miscarriage. We hope that her wedding signals only the best for the rest of 2022 for Britney and Sam.

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