Mo’Nique Settles Sex and Racial Discrimination, Retaliation Lawsuit With Netflix


Mo'Nique Settles Sex and Racial Discrimination, Retaliation Lawsuit With Netflix

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique has settled her sexual and racial discrimination lawsuit against streamer Netflix. The case was settled Wednesday, with no details disclosed about the deal that ended a three year legal battle. According to the Daily Mail, “The case stems from a 2017 meeting between the Oscar-winning Precious star and the streaming site, which was looking to ramp up its stand-up comedy content at the time.”

Mo’Nique (real name Monique Hicks) reportedly turned down their 2017 offer of $500,000 for a comedy special in which the Netflix retained control over the one-hour show, including copyright and retaining all audio-only rights.

Mo’Nique Settles Lawsuit

The actress rejected the offer alleging that it was a low-ball offer and discriminatory. In response Netflix walked away and negotiations were non-existent.

In 2019 the actress filed a lawsuit alleging that Netflix’s action of not negotiating was “retaliatory, as the usual practice is to start with a low number and gradually increase the offer until an agreement is reached.”

Mo’Nique Settles With Netflix

The outlet adds that, “They contended that white women, such as Amy Schumer and Ellen DeGeneres, and men, including Dave Chapelle and Ricky Gervais reportedly earned tens of millions of dollars for their comedy specials.”

Mo’Nique told Sway in the Morning in a 2018 interview that, “she worried that accepting such a low offer would affect other women of color.”

A Deal is Reached With Netflix

She said at the time, “If I accepted $500 thousand, what does Tiffany Haddish have coming? If I accept that, what does the Black female comedian have coming? Because what they’ll say is, ‘Mo’Nique accepted this and she’s got that.’ So what do they have coming?”

After she filed her lawsuit, Netflix tried twice to have the case dismissed. US District Judge Andre Birotte Jr. declined the requests and in a 2020 opinion, a federal judge wrote, “At the very least, Mo’Nique’s allegations permit the plausible inference that, had she not challenged her offer as discriminatory, Netflix would have continued negotiating in good faith with her and increased her offer, consistent with its customary practice in dealing with talent in the entertainment industry.”

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