Ghislaine Maxwell Has a $1million Bounty on Her Head


Ghislaine Maxwell Has a $1million Bounty on Her Head

One of Prince Andrew’s friends is set to find out how much time she will spend behind bars for child sex trafficking. Ghislaine Maxwell was the alleged “pimp” for Andrew’s friend, and her lover, Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein died in prison while serving time for similar charges.

This week Ghislaine’s victims will be in court when she finds out if she will get a maximum 55-year sentence. Today there was startling news ahead of her sentencing, apparently the child molester is a target with, “a $1million prison bounty on her head.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Going to Be Sentenced

Several of the victims have written victim impact statements that will be read at the sentencing, despite Maxwell’s lawyer trying to prohibit such a thing. At least two victims are expected to be in the New York courtroom on Tuesday

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Accused

The British former socialite faces is now 60 and is currently being held in the general population area of New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center. According to the Daily Mail, an inmate there recently threatened to kill her, with a source saying: “One woman was going around openly bragging that she was going to murder Ghislaine for $1 million.”

Ghislaine Has a Bounty On Her Head?

Historically child molesters are notorious targets for other prisoners, with violent cons eager for the reputation of killing a high-profile prisoner. The source added, “Three prisoners reported the threats and the woman who was making the threats has been moved away into a special unit. Ghislaine is sleeping with one eye open.”

Prince Andrew’s Friend to be Sentenced

Andrew’s friend Maxwell, “was found guilty in December of five federal sex-trafficking charges relating to her role in recruiting and grooming teenage girls to be sexually abused by Epstein, who took his own life while in prison in 2019.”

According to the source, “The Bureau of Prisons could not keep Epstein safe. They are badly understaffed. Ghislaine is in a unit with 40 other women, many from violent gangs. She is constantly looking over her shoulder.”

The maximum sentence Maxwell could receive is 55 years behind bars. The source stated that she hopes to receive 15 or fewer years so that she is not sent to, “a federal maximum security prison and, because of her age … effectively a life sentence.”

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