Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Pelosi Belatedly Charged With DUI


Nancy Pelosi's Husband Paul Pelosi Belatedly Charged With DUI

It’s been nearly a month since the news arrived that Paul Pelosi was involved in a DUI incident.  Critics waited to hear that he had been formally charged, but nothing happened. So, they suspected that his privileged relationship with his wife Nancy, the Speak of the House, meant that nothing would happen to him. Well, belatedly, the news emerged this week, that he has now been charged.

Paul Pelosi Breaks The Rules Will He Pay For It If Found Guilty

Other people who are well-known see the inside of prison if they break the law. For example, Todd and Julie Chrisley potentially face up to 30 years in federal prison for their tax evasion and bank fraud conviction. Technically, as they did not commit a crime that could cause death or injury, it seems unfair to think that someone who allegedly endangered the lives of road users might not face the consequences. So, people are relieved that Nancy Pelosi’s husband is not beyond answering to the courts.

Nancy is better known around the world than her husband Paul Pelosi because she’s been in politics for years. If you don’t know, he’s not a spring chicken and at the age of 82, he still drives himself around. Mind you, people wonder why a very successful businessman would do that considering they collectively have a massive amout of money. So, when the news arrived that he was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, Twitterati slammed him for not using a driver.

Paul Pelosi Had A Collision With Another Car In late May

Sky News Australia reported on YouTube, that Paul was charged with DUI this week. The basic facts reveal that he ended up arrested after a car crash that happened in Napa County, CA. Apparently, he tested for a blood alcohol level of 0.82 and was arrested. At the time, he was driving his Porsche and the accident took place at an intersection. Notably, the other driver was not arrested. As you can see below, if he’s found guilty, he could face some penalties.

Nancy Pelosi's Husband Paul Belatedly Charged With DUI
Sky News Australia / YouTube

The news outlet said in their coverage, that Paul Pelosi was “officially charged with DUI with injury in Napa County.” So, he faces a “misdemeanor” charge, which can be quite serious despite the word “misdemeanor” sounding a bit underwhelming. Not only did the charge take time to emerge, but even Paul’s mugshot was reportedly initially denied to press and media outlets. So, people started feeling skeptical that he’d face any consequences.

Comments On The DUI Charge

Viewers of the news about Paul Pelosi on YouTube took to the comments section. Certainly, it seems that some folks still think nothing will come of it because of his connection to the Speaker of the House. One of them opined, “Of course Paul won’t face any charges for driving his vehicle drunk; Nancy has never faced a charge herself and she’s been drunk-driving the entire house for years.”

Another skeptical person suggested, “Of course they made sure it was all fixed, before charging him.”

This comment also arrived: “This “charge” will be swept under the rug and never to be heard of again.”

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  1. Susan Ifland says

    Who gives a shit about these two drunks! They are evil, lying, nasty people! I hope they burn in hell for the evil things they have done! The quicker they go the better!

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