Prince William and Kate Middleton Popular Retweet – Canadians React To Royal Family Greeting On Canada Day


Prince William and Kate Middleton Popular Retweet - Canadians React To Royal Family Greeting On Canada Day

The Royal Family greeted the citizens of Canada this weekend as they celebrated their special day with a retweet from Prince William and Meghan Markle. Many reactions that arrived on the retweet by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got a thumb’s-up. However, a lot of people feel grumpy about the country’s flag being banned in Ottawa.

The Royal Family Loses Some Flavor But Not With All Canadians

The past few years have seen a lot of bad press about Queen Elizabeth and her family. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made some very unfavorable remarks during their interviews with Oprah Winfrey.

Of course, by now, those who follow the news, realize that things are bad between Prince William and his brother after they moved to the USA.

Two years ago, Harry and Meghan stepped back as senior members of the royal family. First, they moved to Canada, a popular choice in the country. However, they later moved to  Los Angeles.

The Royal Family has lost a lot of appeal recently, thanks to the actions of Meghan and Harry. But that didn’t stop droves of people from feeling happy about this year’s Canada Day greeting from Windsor.

In fact, only a few angry comments arrived, and those related to the people who felt really unhappy about the banning of the flag. Elsewhere though, plenty of people ranted about it.

The Royal Family Greeting On Canada day

The text in the greeting simply said, “Wishing all of our followers a happy#CanadaDay today.” However, four photos were in the tweet and one of them showed the Queen inspecting the Canadian military. In another one, Camilla and Prince Charles greeted people. Another one showed the coat of arms. Despite not being a riveting post, many people turned out to thank them.

Canadians React To Royal Family Greeting On Canada Day
The Royal Family / Instagram


Twitter user @SteveI26827992 replied to the Royal Family with pride. They wrote, “Thank You! I had the pleasure of being in Ceremonial Guard for your parade in 1992 on Parliament Hill.”

More people thanked the Queen’s family for thinking of them on Canada Day. This comment came from @bfour_88: “Thank you, Your Majesty. Your reign has been foundational and indispensible to Canada’s evolution, prosperity and stability over the years, and I pray that you reign for many more years to come. But I know that the Crown is in good hands, regardless.”

Not So Happy Folks Comment

The Royal Family only got a few snark-style comments for their efforts. One of them wrote, “Ottawa doesn’t even recognize Canada. They lowered the flag for its own birthday. Canada is gone.”

This comment also arrived, “If only it was. Instead, we have a want to be dictator…. bent on destroying this once great Dominion.”

This sort of thing also seemed fairly common in the comments:

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