Demi Moore BREAKS Louvre Museum Rules By Sharing Art With Her Dog!


Demi Moore BREAKS Louvre Museum Rules By Sharing Art With Her Dog!

Actress Demi Moore just pulled a celebrity stunt worthy of a Kardashian. And she ignored all the rules at the famous Louvre museum in the process. But the 59-year-old “Very Good Girls” star apparently felt that her dog deserved to experience some art.

Find out how Demi took her teeny tiny dog into the cultural mecca. And see what Moore shared on Instagram. Plus: After you learn how her followers responded, decide whose side you take!

Demi Moore Lets Art Go To The Dogs!

Famously fond of her dogs, Demi Moore decided that she wanted one of her pets to enjoy her favorite works of art. And so with her chihuahua by her side, Moore trotted into the famed Louvre museum. However, the Paris institution has established a no-exceptions policy against allowing animals, noted the New York Post.

Turning to Instagram, Demi shared a photo revealing the actress and puppy gazing at Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. And the two also lingered before the famed Venus de Milo sculpture. However, Moore focused on her dog rather than the iconic artwork in her Instagram caption.

“Pilaf takes the Louvre,” wrote Demi. And as the photo showed, the tiny dog rested in her human mommy’s hands as the two studied the art. But though Pilaf probably did not know, the Louvre museum allows only assistance and guide dogs into the building. 

Demi Moore Sparks Backlash Over Breaking Museum Rules!

However, Moore sparked a backlash over her Instagram post. For instance, one follower scolded, “Sad when celebrities abuse their fame and take their pets in places we common folk can’t. The Louvre has a no pet policy with a service animal exemption. Demi Moore, you should know better!”

And another wrote, “A dog in the best museum? ⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️.  There [are] rules against animals in the Louvre. You can’t bring your animal there. Demi Moore doesn’t have any rules applied to her or her dog.” And the commentator questioned, “Why can’t my dog go in there but hers can?”

But some fans of both Demi and her dog gushed and ignored the backlash. For instance, one follower wrote, “Love it , love it, love it🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜 blessings 🙏 .” And another shared, “Awwww! And that cutecute 🐶. Thanks for share. 😘”

One exuberant follower even gushed that their life achievement consisted of standing where Demi did. “I’ve stood in the same place as Demi Moore!!!? Life complete ✅ 😍 ,” exclaimed the fan. However, one art lover pointed out, “Even better, you’ve seen the Mona Lisa in person!” And the gusher admitted, “Yess!! This is so true!! Love the new perspective!”

Tell us what you think. Do you believe that Demi Moore abused celebrity privilege to take her dog to the Louvre? Or do you feel that the star deserves to break the museum’s rules and show her chihuahua some culture? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity justice news!

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