General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Circles Back to Sonny as He Teams Up with Michael to Destroy Him


General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin Circles Back to Sonny as He Teams Up with Michael to Destroy Him

General Hospital spoilers tease Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) might have teamed up to help Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) reach safety when she was busted out of the transport van on her way from the PCPD to Pentonville, but make no mistake — these two are not friends. Valentin and Sonny have given one another the brush-off more than once, and while they’re currently working together for a mutual friend’s benefit, Valentin recently sought out Sonny for another favor and the mobster turned him down after citing a plethora of transgressions Valentin has made over the years that left a bad taste in his mouth.

General Hospital Spoilers — Michael Has a Favor to Ask

When Michael and Valentin touch base and their conversation turns to Sonny, they might quickly realize they’re both on the same side. Feeling jilted by the mob boss, they just might put their heads together and join forces in taking Sonny down. But how is Michael going to know he can trust Valentin with his plan? He just might have to take a leap of faith unlike any he has before.

GH Spoilers Hint Valentin Has His Reasons

On its face, it might not look like it makes sense that Valentin would want Sonny’s empire to crumble. After all, it’s Sonny’s connections that just saved Anna’s behind. It’s Sonny who kept her safe, not Valentin. Maybe he’s in some sick, twisted competition with the guy. Perhaps he’s having a hard time letting go of the past, or maybe he doesn’t like where Sonny’s future is headed — with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros). Valentin might be madly in love with Anna, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe Nina deserves better than what she’s settling for with Sonny. Will he go out of his way and risk everything he’s got going with Anna for a little payback he thinks Sonny’s had coming his way?

General Hospital Spoilers — The Takedown

Of course, when Anna discovers Valentin had a hand in making it all happen, it could jeopardize his future with her. They fought so hard to get here together and now it may all be lost because Valentin couldn’t control his desire for revenge. That being said, Michael will have had a hand in this, too. Will Sonny go after each of them equally when it’s time for them to pay for what they’ve done? Stay tuned for more General Hospital news, updates, and spoilers as we continue to dish them out every day.

  1. Nancy says

    This is not so good having Valentin hook up with Micheal to take Sonny out…Micheal is a baby brat immature hypocrite…This a joke of a storyline for Micheal..To put Valentin with Micheal is another laughing stupid joke..Valentin is better then to hook him up with Micheal little boy trying to wear big boy pants that don’t fit just because Sonny is no longer with his mommy of her own doing…This show is going down hill with Micheal and Carly they are unwatchable anymore…

  2. Barbara says

    Honestly I hope that Michael & Valentin do go after Sonny. If they succeed in taking him down I hope with everything in me that Sonny comes back and gives BOTH of them a taste of revenge like they have never had before. I love Valentin and Anna together but if he messes up their relationship and Anna walks away I won’t feel one bit of sympathy for him. Michael needs to be brought down a few pegs. He’s all big bad and grown up and seeking revenge because Sonny & mommy dearest aren’t together anymore, he deserves everything he gets just like the BIG boys do when they get out of their lanes.

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