Prince Andrew Wanted For Questioning In Case Of Another Jeffrey Epstein Victim


Prince Andrew Wanted For Questioning In Case Of Another Jeffrey Epstein Victim

News divulges that an alleged victim of Prince Andrew’s friend, the dead convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein, may serve him with legal papers. The news comes after Prince Andrew paid off in February a woman who claims to be one of Epstein’s sex trafficking victims. He denies her claims but paid an out of court settlement rather than go to trial.

Will Prince Andrew Be Deposed?

Lawyers for Caroline Kaufman do not say that Andrew sexually abused their client, they contend that he was, “visiting Epstein’s home in New York on the night she claims she was raped by the paedophile financier in December 2010.” As such they may ask Andrew to give a witness statement in regard to that evening in Epstein’s NYC townhouse.

Prince Andrew Paid a Settlement in February

Kaufman allegedly was 17 at the aforementioned time and, “The civil lawsuit does not accuse the duke of any wrongdoing or allege that he was aware of any attack.”

In January Queen Elizabeth’s second son was stripped of his official duties and titles just before he, “paid a settlement, worth £12million to Virginia Roberts, who accused him of sexually abusing her when she was 17.”

It has been rumored that Andrew wants a return to public life, and this move is opposed by his brother Prince Charles and nephew Prince William, both of whom are future monarchs.

Spencer Kuvin, Kaufman’s lawyer, told the Sunday Mirror, “We are looking into serving Prince Andrew.”

Documents shows that Kaufman alleges she was invited to Epstein’s residence for a modeling interview but was allegedly raped by Epstein.

When Prince Andrew made the payout he said he supports the, “fight against the evils of sex-trafficking,” and wants to support its victims. Now Kuvin is saying, “If Prince Andrew wants to stay true to his word I urge him to provide a statement about what happened the night Caroline was attacked. He should be volunteering, we shouldn’t be looking into serving him to get his deposition. Caroline wants to know what he has to say. She wants all witnesses to come forward.”

Will Prince Andrew Be Called to Testify?

Will Andrew cooperate with the lawyer’s suggestion? It was reported prior to the out of court settlement that Andrew and his legal team were not readily forthcoming to cooperate with opposing lawyers nor with the FBI.

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