David Pearce Charged With Two Counts Of Murder For Drug Deaths of Christy Giles And Marcela Cabrales-Arzola – More Sexual Assaults Alleged


David Pearce Charged With Two Counts Of Murder For Drug Deaths of Christy Giles And Marcela Cabrales-Arzola - More Sexual Assaults Alleged

David Pearce, a self-made producer in Los Angeles faces some very serious charges. They involve the deaths of two young women. Originally arrested for manslaughter, the charges were upped to murder. This week, details emerged of the exact charges that he faces. Additionally, it is suspected that there might be more victims to account for.

David Pearce Arrested – Hollywood Producer Faces More Charges

Model Christy Giles, aged 24, and her friend, architect Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, died last year after someone dumped them outside of two different hospitals. Drugged, neither of the survived the overdose. Initially, three people were held in connection with it: David Pearce, and actors Brandt Osborn and Mike Ansbach. At the time, the police said that they were suspected of giving them the drugs.

David Pearce ended up as a suspect after Osborne reportedly talked about what went down. Furthermore, other witnesses seem to have indicated that he gave them something that might have been cocaine. Well, it seemed particularly suspicious as Osborne and David claimed they found the women uncoinbcious on the curb. So, they allegedly removed their number plates, wore black masks, and left them outside the hospitals. Accounting for that, the accused said that it would have looked bad if they’d done it openly. Now, it’s suspected that more victims might have suffered a similar fate.

David Pearce – Two Murder Charges & Controlled Substance Violations

CBS Los Angeles reported that “David Brian Pearce is being charged with two counts of murder and two counts of sale/transport/furnishing controlled substance.” Meanwhile, Osborne will be charged as an accessory. After they left the club, the women allegedly went home with the men. There, they tried leaving at one stage but later fell unconscious. Instead of calling an ambulance, they reportedly claimed they thought they’d just wake up eventually. Instead, they finally dumped them outside two different LA hospitals where they died.

David Pearce Charged With Two Counts Of Murder - More Victims
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The LA Times also reported on an affidavit that maintained that David Pearce has his version. It involved the fact that they acted as “good Samaritans” when they dropped off the bodies. Nevertheless, that didn’t wash with the judge. The prosecution now thinks that the women were sexually assaulted whilst under the influence of the drugs. So, the charges of murder are now on the table but incredibly, more charges might follow. Apparently, there might be more victims.

More Victims Than Christy Giles And Marcela Cabrales-Arzola?

When CBS LA reported on an update about David Pearce this week, the news outlet noted that “seven other women have come forward to say they were sexually assaulted as well.” According to investigators, it’s possible that the accused producer basically did similar things over a period of “thirteen years.”

The next hearing will take place on July 11 and the accused will plead not guilty of the charges.

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