Should There Be A Dedicated Arrest Channel For Bad-Apple NFL Players?


Should There Be A Dedicated Arrest Channel For Bad-Apple NFL Players?National Football League (NFL) news put Damon Arnette back in some unfortunate headlines this week. The draft pick for Las Vegas Raiders got the boot after a video emerged of him. In fact, it showed him making death threats and waving around a firearm. However, he’s not alone. Actually, a string of players who behaved badly might provide enough content for a channel dedicated to ball players with arrest records.

NFL – Bad-Apple Damon Arnette Arrested Again

After a brief stop with Miami Dolphins, Arnette landed up with Kansas City Chiefs. There, his bad-apple behavior ended up with him being arrested again. This week, the free agent became better acquainted with some law enforcement officers after his arrest for allegedly possessing cocaine. Of course, with a previous history of arrests, most people complained on social media that he had all the opportunities in the world, and he blew them all.

NFL fans see that players who get drafted literally become instant millionaires. Unfortunately, some of them seem too immature to deal with their changed circumstances. Way too often, familiar faces end up behind bars and become the talk of sports hosts. For example, last year, former Raiders’ wide receiver, Henry Ruggs ended up in a fatal car crash. Allegedly, he drove really fast and the charges included  DUI. At the moment, his case is still being argued in court.

NFL Players Who Broke The Law

Not all charges result in a conviction. In fact, Fox 5 Vegas reported that “five felony charges, including assault and drug charges, [were[ dropped” against Damon this week. However, will he ever learn how to take all the opportunities he had and make something of his life? After all, he just got arrested again.

BLACK & WHITE SPORTS TOO covered the story about Damon’s latest arrest. There, the channel suggested that way too many people in the National Football League end up arrested.

Should There Be A Channel Dedicated To Bad-Apple NFL Players
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Rhodes Rants and John Matrixx host NFL and other sports events on the YouTube channel.  The channel notes that it’s “getting ridiculous” and it seems that Arnette is “trying very hard to blow his career.”

Dedicated Arrest Channel?

Joking about a channel dedicated to those people arrested seems to become a popular option. After all, so many players slide down a slippery slope in the sport. In the last year alone, NFL players like Bud Dupree, Lerentee McCray, Shi Smith, and many more ended up arrested. Accused of various crimes, they consisted of offenses relating to guns, drugs, domestic violence, battery, DUI, and more.

Fans who watched the channel on July 27, agreed that there’s ample opportunity to dedicate a channel to arrested players. In the comments section, Michael F. Bender wrote, “Having a channel on former NFL players turned criminals sounds interesting. I’d subscribe!”

Way Too Many Bad-Apple NFL Players – A Football Team?

Meanwhile, in the replies, user Steven noted, “Imagine if In prison they played foot ball. They would have a full nfl team ready and at this rate their own league in prison.”

What are your thoughts? Would you tune in and watch a program dedicated to all the players who offended during the history of the league? Sound off in the comments below.

Be sure and watch for new developments in a potential NFL channel dedicated to bad apples like Damon Arnette.  Return here often for more news and updates.

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