What Went Wrong Between Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy?


What Went Wrong Between Prince Harry & Chelsy Davy?

Prince Harry didn’t always behave with dignity before he married Meghan Markle and became a dad. In fact, as a young man, he loved to party. Sometimes, he did controversial things but certainly didn’t dominate the headlines like he and Meghan do these days. He used to date Chelsy Davy but it came to an end. Did they split because of something she saw inside his character?

Prince Harry Has A Bad Side? Is That Why Chelsy Davy Opted Out?

When the youngest son of King Charles married Meghan Markle, he seemed to change and become spellbound by his wife’s influence. However, some people wonder if the smoldering prince always harbored bad feelings against his family. How hard did Meghan actually have to work to convince him to ditch life in the UK? Perhaps nobody will ever know. These days, he seems as keen as mustard to keep on dissing his life as a royal. Right now, royal family watchers await his book and their Netflix docuseries. Possibly, more controversy comes for the monarch.

These days, Prince Harry seems very different from the young man that partied hard with Chelsy Davy. Prior to 2010, they were often spotted out and about at various nightclubs. But that ended abruptly and now he’s married to someone who seems to keep that side of him under a firm thumb. And that’s something that even his brother William and King Charles seem unable to do. Notably, Meghan Markel seems to be a completely different character from Chelsy.

Prince Harry Dated A Zimbabwean Woman

For many new royal family watchers, Chelsy Davy isn’t even a distant memory. Bear in mind, it’s only since he married Meghan that Chelsey’s ex gets the headlines almost daily. While she enjoyed a good time, she also studied hard and became a successful lawyer. These days he owns a jewelry line and a travel firm. Originally, she hailed from Zimbabwe but later spent a lot of time in the UK as well. According to The News International, Chelsy might feature in the new book called “Spare.”  If that happens, then royal family watchers will probably learn a lot more about her.

What Went Wrong Between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy
Agrippina / Twitter

When Prince Harry married Meghan, Chelsy went to the wedding as she and her ex remain friendly. Now, people speculate about what she saw in Harry that turned her off. When user account Agrippina posted about it on Twitter, they noted the couple’s “incompatibility.” Naturally, it got other folks chatting, and some of them knew people who knew Chelsy.

Speculation On Why It Ended

@Maddyforcfenow spoke about the ex of Prince Harry with some anecdotal evidence. They wrote, “Chelsey worked in [the] same law firm as my husband in London. She was well liked, smart, a little flirty but had no tickets on herself. Down to earth. Apparently, two things were H’s quick moody temper and his sense of entitlement he couldn’t move past even though [she]wished he could.”

Others also speculated about what she had seen in Harry and the monarchy. Maybe she hated the lack of privacy and couldn’t bear to live with the media in her face.

What do you think? Do you think that Harry always had a bad side and ChelsyDavy didn’t like that? Or did she decide to walk away from constant public scrutiny? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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