Meghan Markle Won’t Let Prince Harry Be Alone With King Charles?


Meghan Markle Won't Let Prince Harry Be Alone With King Charles?

Meghan Markle once again made headlines and unsurprisingly, for the wrong reasons. Allegedly, King Charles has had enough of her outrageous comments and deceit. A royal family expert talked about how at one stage, she actually seemed to get along with her father-in-law. How did it all go so wrong? Read on to find out.

Did Meghan Markle Fake Her Friendliness?

Prince Harry’s wife, some folks believe, saw an opportunity to get ahead because Harry was single. Did she plot to get him and then use him for her celebrity status? Perhaps nobody will ever know, least of all Harry. This week, Neil Seans spoke about how the royals initially seemed friendly with her. Recall, she and King Charles compromised when he walked her down the aisle. Well, only halfway, and Neil quipped an aside saying, “this is the first time she ever met anyone halfway.” Cast your mind back, and you’ll remember that her dad couldn’t attend. But she wanted to show her independence and walk without a man at her side.

Meghan Markle, bear in mind, is an actress known for her role in “Suits.” Did she fake her dutiful daughter persona? It’s no wonder that people mull this sort of thing right now. After all, with remarkable speed, she spilled her version of the royal family with Oprah Winfrey. Certainly, it seems as if the couple now go after the family in a rather calculated way, if sources are to be believed.

Meghan Markel – Outrageous Comments – Harry goes along with it?

Recently the interview Meghan did with Oprah Winfrey came back into focus. Sources noted that despite the bad feeling, the last time that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were in the UK, Charles wanted to get together with his two sons and have a chinwag. And, it would have given them a chance to perhaps smooth things out between them.  But, allegedly, Prince Harry wasn’t keen on meeting up with them unless Meghan could go along as well.  That interview, the one about the “secret wedding,” still weighs on the mind of the monarch as it was extremely “embarrassing.”

Meghan Markle Won't Let Prince Harry Be Alone With King Charles
Neil Sean / YouTube

Perhaps Meghan Markle didn’t trust Harry to be alone with his dad. After all, they might have discussed how she dropped the Arch-Bishop of Canterbury in the pooh. Allegedly, King Charlies would like to see his daughter-in-law  “apologize,” even if she does do it “privately.” The question is why did Hatty let it ride without correcting her? Notably, it was clearly untrue. Yahoo carried a story at the time about her claim that the couple tied the knot secretly before the wedding that folks saw on TV.

Royal Family Watchers Comment

Those who follow Neil Sean took to the comments section of the video post about Meghan Markel. One of them opined, “To hurt people, who have been good to you, is low, cruel and undignified. The Royal Family and the people of Great Britain welcomed mm. What goes around, comes around.”

The more attention that Meghan and Harry get, the less folks seem to tolerate it. This comment is an indication of that: It’s truly disgraceful on both parts H&M. I just have no other words. People like this deserve NO attention or recognition.”

What are your thoughts about why King Charles seems to be so fed up with his daughter-in-law and his son? How do you feel about Harry allegedly refusing to be with his dad and brother? Shout out in the comments below.

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  1. Ruth says

    I think Megan is a fake controlling user of the royal family. She is selfish, and Harry is a weak fool..
    It’s father king Charles should strip them of all Tyler titles in royalty and her to

  2. Marsha says

    Megan is an embarassment to the human race, a bigger insult to black than white. Her position is to defend black as a victim but portray as white. Attaches dignity and respect to wealth and a measure of status and value. To define or diagnose her as a narcissist is insuficiant she is a sociopath, a rare case of evil personified.

  3. Glenys says

    Why do they keep calling it news from the royal family. H and M are not the royal family and they don’t want to be. Unless of course it means more money to them.

  4. Lynda Hadder says

    It seems like the term “spare” May also apply to his marriage. The marriage may not have room for him anymore. He did his job, married meghan. Now she’s brought down Harry’s dignity, honor, as she is trying to destroy his life. Look no one has the perfect family or upbringing. There are some that fix what they can and move on. Then we have the WHINERS

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