Did Meghan Markle Deliberately Convey An Impression Of Isolation At The Queen’s Funeral?


Did Meghan Markle Deliberately Convey An Impression Of Isolation At The Queen's Funeral?Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrived in the UK on their own mission and ended up being invited to attend Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. Millions of people noticed that Harry was shuffled into a third-row corner, and many others noticed that his wife seemed alone, unwanted, and isolated by the rest of the royal family. However, could she have deliberately kept herself apart to enhance the alleged racial bias against her?

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Didn’t Anticipate Attending A Funeral

Exactly two months before her death, Queen Elizabeth sent out her condolences after the death of Shinzo Abe in Japan. Recall, the former prime minister died after a successful assassination attempt. Perhaps, at the time, she didn’t have any idea that a short time later, people would be mourning her own death. And clearly, Harry didn’t either, as he reportedly turned down an invite to catch up with his granny at Balmoral. Instead, they went off to various charity events.

Shortly after the death of Shinto Abe, experts started talking about how it was time for Prince Charles to censure Meghan Markle and Prince Harry over their publicity stunts. Well, as Charles is now King Charles III, rumors came that he was cold and calculating towards his son and his wife. Allegedly, there were harsh words behind closed doors after the funeral. Whilst nobody anticipated a funeral this month, the royal family members all suddenly got thrown together, and as usual, the media reported about drama.

Meghan Markle Appeared Dignified, But Alone And Shunned

Neil Sean is considered something of a royal expert. Notably, he always tries to report fairly and honestly. However, even he struggles sometimes when it comes to supporting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Of course, there’s a lot of talk right now about the shunning of Harry’s wife. The media ripped her for baring her arms, closing a car door, for holding Harry’s hand, and more. Actually, tweets from the USA seem to swing toward supporting her as she seemed so alone and maligned. But, Neil wondered if she deliberately enhanced her isolation.

Meghan Markle Deliberately Convey An Impression Of Isolation At Queen Funeral
Via Neil Sean / YouTube

Meghan Markle stood alone, stood apart, looked sorrowful and dignified, and nobody talked to her. And, that made folks furious. But, Neil noted that she didn’t seem to make any effort to reach out and talk to any of the royals either. According to Neil, she was “allegedly too nervous.” Emphatically, he said, “I think not!” Then, he explained his reasoning. He added, “I think she knew the value of a very good picture.” Furthermore, he said that she looked like a “serene” figure in a hard place. But notably, “she could have reached out, even if just to make small talk.”

Harry Is Reportedly Furious

Meghan Markle, opined Neil Sean, simply “didn’t want to” reach out to the other royals. Meanwhile, Harry doesn’t take that view. In fact, Neil argued that he “only sees one side of the picture.” Bear in mind, that “they cut themselves out when  they decided they wanted to become independent.”

What are your thoughts? Do you think that the former Suits actress manipulated the media by deliberately staying away from the rest of the royal family? Sound off in the comments below.

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