If Prince Charles Is King & Dies, What Title Will The Duchess Of Cornwall Get?


If Prince Charles Is King & Dies, What Title Will The Duchess Of Cornwall Get?

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall seems to be in the good books of the press these days. Actually, very few articles slam her like they did when she married Prince Charles. In fact, since Queen Elizabeth bestowed her the title of future Queen Consort, she’s portrayed as white as the driven snow. But the question arises as to what she might become if Charles rules as King and then dies whilst she’s still alive.

The Duchess of Cornwall Gets Favorable Press

Right now, the media very seldom mention the words “Princess Di and Camilla Parker Bowles” in the same headline or article. Naturally, a vilified and slandered wife of the future King wouldn’t go down too well with the public. Well, what happened with Lady Di happened a long time ago. Perhaps it doesn’t profit magazines to churn out the sort of thing that they fling at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Bear in mind, that if Charles takes over from his mom, the Queen Consort would be an important person to woo for more royal family stories.

The Duchess of Cornwall seems to love the countryside and the lifestyle that it brings. Recently, she guest-edited the July edition of Country Life. Possibly, if the time comes when King Charles passes away, she might retreat to her stables and pastures and pretty sunsets. Nevertheless, she would still retain some sort of title. As it stands right now, Prince William would ascend to the throne, it’s unlikely that she’ll ever be called the Queen Mother.

Suggested Future Titles For Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall

This week, in the Royal Family Subreddit, u/lindabrum raised the question about the title for Camilla. Of course, that’s presuming that both Charles and his wife live long enough for him to be King. Bear in mind, that neither of them are spring chickens. The post on Reddit asked, “If Camilla & Charles were King & Queen Consort, and Charles passes away … what would Camilla be referred as?” Additionally, the poster speculated about the life of Camilla without her husband.

If Prince Charles Is King And Dies What Title Will The Duchess of Cornwall Get
u/lindabrum – Royal Family / Reddit


Some people seem very clued up about titles and they contributed valuable ideas on a title for the Duchess of Cornwall. A few of them suggested that Camilla might become the “Dowager Queen Consort.” Meanwhile, others wondered about her title being “the Queen Mother.” However, Queen Elizabeth’s mom was only called that to avoid confusion between her and her daughter. Recall, that they shared the same name.

Might King William Grant Her A Title?

Notably, it was mentioned that people should know what title she holds when Charles becomes King. Useful contributor u/itstimegeez said that she will become “HM The Queen,” when Charles rules. Then after his death, she probably becomes “HM Queen Camilla.”

Actually, the Duchess of Cornwall might even get a new title from William when his dad passes away. Of course, we are assuming here, that Charles lives to be King. U/PetiteLumiere theorized, “depending on their reign, she may simply be known as, Queen Camilla and possibly in the circular as Camilla, Dowager Queen Consort. Ultimately, I imagine that will be for William to decide. ”

What are your ideas about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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